100% whole grain dark rye sourdough boule 💚

I had everything set up this weekend and really just wanted to see... This has a dense crumb, very low gluten, so it's quite different from wheat bread. But still, it tastes very good. It's very much like a fresh version of those thin sliced whole rye breads you can rarely get at the store (I am thinking the Mestemacher brand), or somewhat reminiscent of Ezekiel bread.

Those rustic, earthy cracks are just so pretty. Apparently that's really common in 100% rye from some of my research. I still like to score the boule, it's fun 😊

Working with rye flour is like playing with kinetic sand. I made this the same way I made the whole wheat, but with an extra 50g dark rye flour and 1g more salt.

#plantbased #oilfree #guthealth #sourdough #ryebread