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Bonjour, I’m Craig Dugas.

Welcome to Craig’s Green Table. This is a positive, judgment-free space to share foods and thoughts about a plant-based lifestyle.

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A Plant-Based Journey

I’ve been trying to go plant-based since 2017. After failing time and time again, I decided to significantly and strategically change my approach one last time in mid-2023 before throwing in the towel. That approach is what I do now, and it’s pretty great.

Plant-Based Classics

Classic dishes, reimagined:

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Plant-Based Meats

Thoughtfully crafted meat alternatives:

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My Goal

My goal is to steer the ship that is me in the direction of good health and feeling great. My aim is to shift the focus towards health-promoting choices without feeling like I’m ‘missing out’. To achieve this, I’m sharing my journey as well as delicious, plant-based, oil-free foods and recipes.

I’m not here to churn out recipes every day. I’m here to learn, share, and be part of a community that values health, happiness, kindness, and well-being.