Pizza Sauce

One of my culinary ambitions is to maximize the use of tomato paste in tomatoey sauces. This recipe is inspired by the fantastic Pizza Sauce from Tomato Paste recipe by Alyssa at Floral Apron Blog.

Plant-based, oil-free pizza sauce

Pizza Sauce

This is a pantry-staple pizza sauce. It tastes better than jarred sauce and is simple to make.




  • In a mixing bowl, slowly whisk water into tomato paste as to not slosh it all over your kitchen.
  • Whisk in the remaining ingredients.


As always, adjust seasonings to your preference.
Pizza chain sauces often use more sugar, so if you want to make something similar, simply increase the maple syrup a bit. Crushed red pepper is a great addition and add-ins can be amazing, such as basil or mushrooms.
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