A ONE POT version of my plant-based Oat-Lentil Ground Round with charred veg.

💚💚💚 Decided to make a TRIPLE batch... that's confidence, baby!! Got so excited I used the wrong lentils, French green instead of brown. It's a darn good thing all lentils are delicious!

🌱 I've got four tests going from the batch:

1) Frozen Ground Round
2) Replicating possibly the best plant-based meatball I've ever made
3a) Smokey Marmy Burger (all new!!)
3b) Triple Mushroom Burger (all new!!)

⏳ Now, I wait, because it's so so so so so so important to give mixtures like this TIME. There are plenty of quick food options out there, but don't rush everything.

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