Bon Appétit! My name is Craig, and I thought I'd do a bio post to get to know you all a little more.

🍁 This bio post format is inspired by another I saw recently as well as my appreciation of bulleted lists that get straight to the point 😆

🍁 I've got a spoonful of optimism and am happy to share it!! 💚

🍁 I eat a flexitarian diet with a culinary compass that points firmly towards plant-based delights. A while back, I decided to share exclusively plant-based recipes and ideas because it's so tightly intertwined with my preferences and goals.

🍁 Laughing is one of my top three favorite things to do.

🍁 I'm crafting a bit of a recipe for life focused on a content belly, recovering->radiant->powerful health, and evolving taste buds with a top priority of personal sustainability.

🍁 In other words, I'm finding my healthy happy place 😊

🌱 Dive into my culinary diary at (🔗 in bio). Let's stir up some ideas and flavors together! 🍲🌿