Broccoli sprouts PSA

A couple of notes on broccoli sprouts and brassica sprouts in general.

Even when rinsing twice a day, they are going to have a bit stronger aroma, that's natural. Make sure you shake out lots of the water after each rinse because the moisture will carry more of that smell with it and excess moisture intensifies it during the times between rinses.

But also, if you look closely here (I zoomed in on the second photo of the sprouts in the jar), you'll see what immediately registers like maybe fuzzy mold but it's NOT mold. It's just 'root hairs'! They'll fall back down after rinsing and seem most common with broccoli and brassica sprouts. They just share an unfortunate similar appearance. If you're rinsing your sprouts two times a day, you're probably a-ok!

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