Cucumber, celery, carrots, and plant-based habanero dip 💚

I shared the cukes with Nellie, she's not a fan of the rest. Oh fun, I forgot I packed a scallion in there (see it on the left?)! What a spicy little treat 😋

I'm happy with this dip. It's a bit peppercorny but it's pleasant. Removing the seeds and membranes from habanero peppers leaves such a delightful, almost fruity flavor that's tamer than jalapeño (pepper-for-pepper, at least). And the pink peppercorns, which are technically berries, really push the fruitiness into overdrive. A little maple syrup and a little sour and salt and you've got a dip going!

You know, if we can reclassify Pluto as a non-planet, why don't we start calling them pink pepperberries. It's clearly a fun word to say. Jussayin'.

I'll post that dip recipe separately for anyone that is curious or would like to make it.

#plantbased #teampepperberry #veggies