"Everything" is AWESOME! 🖤🤍

Everything seasoning piled on hummus. Dare I say hummus is a better home for Everything seasoning than a bagel ever was 😬? Yes, I dare say. I would rather dip a plain bagel in this than an Everything bagel in plain hummus! [Don't limit this to bagels!!]

Not to rag on other recipes, we all have our preferences, but when you look up recipes for Everything seasoning, the ones I tried were absolutely crazy with the poppy seeds. I'm onto you, Big Poppy... Anyway, they were all not very good (imho) and Google should be ashamed at the the recipes at the top of the search results. There, I said it!

Then, I tried to make my own recipe by carefully scooping tablespoons and teaspoons of those core ingredients. It was meh. Then, I thought why not toast the poppy and sesame and it was meh. Then, I about threw in the towel until I told myself to just put on what looked good to me and that's where I landed.

I haven't measured this out yet, but I have a technique:

– Dry minced onion, a handful to coat the hummus
– Dry minced garlic, a great big pinch to fill the gaps
– Poppy seeds, a big pinch to add some flavor and gorgeous color
– Sesame seeds, a pinch to bring in just a bit more flavor

You can add a pinch of salt, but I really push the concentrated flavor power of the dried veggies and seeds! 💚

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