Falafel, Mexican rice, cucumbers, tomatoes, white onions, sprouts, tzatziki sauce with a pinch of extra dill (plant-based, oil-free) 💚

I'll post my falafel recipe soon! If you want a sneak peak it's largely based on the falafel recipe by Refika's Kitchen on YouTube. Just getting it scrunched down so it's not so wordy. It's definitely a full evening or better yet a weekend food to prepare, but it tastes great and freezes so incredibly well it's worth it!

I'm finding it interesting how certain Mexican foods go with Mediterranean foods. I normally would've opted for plain or simple rice with this dish, but I'll prefer already made leftovers whenever possible. The tomato and cumin in this rice compliment the falafel and chopped veggies. I also made a more proper tzatziki sauce based on the @healthyveganeating recipe recommended by @plant.eating.angie. I put my dip and dressing experiences to good use and adjusted the recipe to use added soy milk and fewer cashews. I'll post that tzatziki recipe as well!

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