Gumbo rice + celery + onion + green pepper + baby lima beans + more rice. πŸ’š

NGL, I was pretty bummed about the air fryer frying it's last air this evening. Changed course to something more warming, using a box of gumbo rice mix (just rice, flour, and seasonings) that I literally pulled from the far-back right-hand corner of the pantry.

Used a couple of tactics that really reduced my typical salt intake over time and increased my veg intake, which somehow bizarrely increases the flavors I taste and aromas I smell. ☺️

1) I just base it on sodium in the mix, but I typically use a 2:1 or 1:1 ratio of box mix-to-additional rice to shed the salt down to desirable levels (side effect: more meals for the fridge).

2) I just chopped big veg to add to the rice cooker. I used what's called The Holy Trinity in Creole and Cajun parlance, which is a mixture of celery, onion, and bell pepper. Prep time couldn't have taken more than 3 minutes for all of this, no joke! Also added a big pour of frozen baby lima beans. Then just wait for those magic rice cooker beeps and fluff.

#plantbasedcooking #softveggies