🚫 I call it the 'Danger Zone' when one tries to craft healthy versions of traditionally unhealthy foods—myself included. A glance at my recipe collection will show I’m not advocating avoidance, but I believe awareness is key.

In such instances, our brains activate pre-reward neural connections, anticipating a familiar reward that, sadly, never comes. We receive 'a' reward, but not 'the' expected reward, leading to a lingering sense of missing out.

💡 However, familiarity in food is crucial, and it’s our responsibility to navigate toward the familiarities that each of us consciously desire. Merely adopting this perspective can create a substantial impact.

I'm curious about your thoughts on this!

Stay tuned, I’ll share my approach to navigating this 'Danger Zone' in an upcoming post. 

🍔 [Pictured: smokey marmy oat lentil burger, lettuce, pickles, onions, and gourmet sauce on a bun.]

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