Lighter, Better, Faster, Stronger Hummus!

No olive oil, no tahini, not heavy, and completely satisfying. I think this style may catch on.

You can read about my hummus 'eureka' moment on the recipe page on Craig's Green Table (link in bio). For now, ON TO THE RECIPE!


2 cans chickpeas ((drained))
3 slightly large cloves of garlic
Juice from 2 average lemons ((around ½ cup))
6 tbsp reduced-fat sesame flour
1 pinch cumin
6 ice cubes
Sea salt to taste

+ paprika
+ parsley ((dry or fresh))
+ minced garlic ((jarred in water for mildness and a splash of the liquid))

- Toast sesame flour gently on a skillet until slightly toasty and aromatic, about 4-6 minutes
- Pulse chickpeas and garlic a few times
- Process with lemon juice, sesame flour, cumin, and half the ice cubes
- Keep processing, add remaining ice and process until smooth. Add more ice if needed to achieve the desired consistency
- Chill for several hours or overnight for perfect flavor

To serve, dust with paprika in a tea infuser, parsley flakes, and sprinkle with jarred minced garlic.

I use a tea infuser to dust ingredients like paprika.

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