Maine Italian Sandwich, leek chips, and a big pile of sprouts 💚💚💚

Holy guacamole was this plate good!!

– Crunchy, flavor-packed leek chips
– Russian mix sprouts with a few drops of @hotnsaucyco hot sauce on each bite
– And a Maine Italian to write home about

In my home state, which is known for a few foods... people aren't swooning to eat lobsters and clam chowder all the time like the marketing suggests. They pop up every once in a while, but you're more likely to see foods like potatoes, blueberries, and maple syrup eaten regularly. What about grab-n-go lunches or picnics?

Well, before the unstoppable proliferation of fast food, it was fairly common to make (or buy locally) Maine Italian Sandwiches. One could say it's just a sandwich, but it's that specific combination of flavors that makes it what it is. Most Maine Italians have 90-95% of the same ingredients. I would argue that the white onion, green bell pepper, and dill pickles are undebatably required. The one I made today was so darn good! Here's what's inside:

– White onion
– Green bell pepper
– My homemade Swissy cheese (plant-based)
– Dill pickles
– Oregano
– Paprika
– Iceberg lettuce
– Ham-style tofu slabs

Got any favorites from your neck of the woods? I love hearing about the foods people remember growing up with the most.

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