Make a smooth, creamy plant-based sauce with just a few ingredients and a personal-sized blender like the Magic Bullet. 🧑‍🍳

Soak the nuts in hot water 10-15 mins, then add to blender with liquid just covering them (soy milk is pictured). Blend 60-90 seconds using the FLAT blade (typically for spices), adding splashes more liquid if needed to make sure the mixture doesn't stall while blending, until creamy. Add remaining liquid and blend 10 seconds more to incorporate. The initial ratio of soaked nuts to liquid is key for getting a velvety texture without pesky bits. A little airiness will cook out or settle over time. 💥

⚠️ If you end up with pesky bits, that's usually due to too much blending liquid up front or insufficiently soaked nuts (they don't need to be soaked for ages, but they need to be softer than raw).

The smallest batch I've ever made using this method was cashew cream from 2 tbsp cashews, soaked + water.

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