Mashed potatoes πŸ’š

Perhaps my most favorite single food ever.

I've really dialed in my preference over the years. Washed and peeled 70-80%. Discard any green or black parts, but to reduce waste: air fry peelings 7-10 mins @ 400F for crispy treats for you and your pup! Sliced, added to a pot with seasonings (1 tsp vegan chicken-style bouillon powder, ΒΌ tsp marjoram flakes, β…› tsp ground white pepper) just enough water so the top potatoes are treading water, and lightly boil until fork tender. Save broth, mash, and whip back in broth until desired consistency along with homemade plant-based sour cream and salt. I used Β½+β…› tsp added salt to this 5 lb batch of potatoes. My favorite!!

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