Mediterranean plate 💚

First of all, I hope you are having an amazingly wonderful weekend 🤗 Any moment I'm up for feeling positivity, I let it in. One doesn't always get that opportunity, so carpe diem, baby!

I'm so super excited about Mediterranean food right now. Well, I'm always up for hummus or hommus or hoummous or however they spell it in your neck of the woods, but I decided to make homemade oil-free falafel and omgosh I can't wait to make some more already.

I also made skinless chickpea hummus à la @chris_vege_95. It's so smooth and so far seems easier to digest. While the falafels were cooking, I made a little Turkish-style spoon salad (kaşık salatası). But, I put it on sprouts, so maybe that makes it a Turkish fork salad (çatal salatası). And while I was making these, the tofu gyro 'meat' was slow cooking in the oven. I staggered all of this, so I was in and out of the kitchen within just a couple of hours—a pleasant surprise considering all the various foodstuffs I was making 😋

#plantbased #mediterraneanfood #oilfree