Mung bean frittata à la 💚

What a sight, this frittata. This fancy-pants breakfast took like 5 minutes to put together.. maybe 7. I'm just glad I have uses for all this vegan breakfast sausage I made. After all the tests, I was surprised to taste each variation and notice that though they were all slightly different, they were all decently good. So I did something very out of character for me and I mashed them all together by hand in a giant bowl and portioned out a ton of 8 ounce logs to store in the freezer.

Back to breakfast...

First, I put the broccoli back in the air fryer and set the timer for 4 mins. I reheated the kale, mushroom, and breakfast sausage frittata in the micro at 50% power for 2-3 mins. Country gravy at full power for 1 min. While the micro was running, I torched the tomato, cut off the torched part to eat, and stored the cold part back in a food hugger for later.

And, if you've never tried mung beans like this (frittata or omelette or scramble), I find that it certainly tastes like the bean more than an egg, but it's okay to appreciate the flavor of beans (it's just a little hurdle for my neurons to jump over at first bite)!

#plantbased #oilfree #fritatta #broccoli #tomatoes