New York-Style Pastrami Tofu 💚

Just slice, make a pastrami seasoning, marinate, and bake. So easy!!

Something I learned making lots and lots of plant-based sausages and soy curls over the past few years is to rotate my trials. If I didn't, I would start to get used to flavors and not be able to really dial anything in. So I'll make something like German bologna-style tofu, take some notes (needed more celery seed), and then make something else next. I decided to make something inspired by New York-style pastrami. Not the stuff at the grocery store, but NY-style: thick, flavorful, peppery slabs.

Now a most important thing for ME is to not get obsessed with trying to make one thing taste exactly like something it is not. Occasionally, but extremely rarely, things work out like that. This is tofu! It's already tender. It's already soft (even though it's firm 😆). And it plays really well when marinated in something bold, especially with a smoke mix, and cooked low & slow. It's my first go at pastrami tofu, but it smells so good in here I'm going to just take that as a good sign and include my seasoning notes up front (they're in the photos somewhere), just crush the seeds with a mortar and pestle or a small ceramic bowl and drinking glass if you don't have a mortar and pestle like me!

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