Onions, mushrooms & kale with leftover mac & cheese topped with shredded aged canyon cheddar and scallions (plant-based, oil-free) πŸ’š

I reheat this mac & cheese many ways. Saucepan, skillet, or microwave. Usually with a little bit of water to cancel out evaporation and usually adding the noodles after the cheese has heated up a bit. I kinda just went for it today. This is pretty forgiving as long as the noods are stored separately.

I was going to do onions, peppers, and mushrooms for a philly-style thing, but I am really jamming with the frozen kale and frozen mushrooms, and I try to always have fresh onion on hand because I love it in so many things. This bowl has a hint of @vegan.sisu vibes, but you can see I forgot to add raw fresh veg. There's even a spot on the plate for it!! D'oh. Next time ☺️

That cheddar has about hit its max age, so I figured I'd use it for a little decoration.

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