🔱 Pepperjack. Nothing fancy steamed pepperjack. The current recipe ingredients I keep tinkering with is in the photos (blend everything except the peppers, mix in peppers, steam in a dish 33min in the instant pot on "steam/low", QR).

The thing about plant-based cheese is that with a careful selection of ingredients and a LOT of patience, one can make cheeses that start to rival their dairy counterparts.

But, as much as I've dabbled in that dark art, I've realized that's not what I want. I want The Dude's rug. I want that thing that's totally not necessary, but when it's there it ties the room together. It's the same reason I enjoy my walnut parm but I don't feel the desire to over-indulge (though whenever I use walnut parm I can't help but nibble a pinch).

Sometimes it's nice to have something:

🔴 A little bit salty
🟠 A little bit soft
🟡 A little bit creamy
🟢 A little bit pungent
🔵 A little bit tangy
🟣 A little bit... cheesy

And that's what this is. This isn't some grand recipe for indulgent pepperjack that you'd step over your own mother just to get to. It's a basic recipe that I keep tweaking because it's good at being a little bit cheesy without feeling like it's not enough or too much.