Pizza 💚

I'm trying to cook thru all the stuff I've been storing in the freezer to make room so I can cook more stuff to put in the freezer 😂

I found some pizza! I looked back in my feed, it was the one from November 14, 2023. Still delish! Reheated 5 mins in the air fryer at 400°F. 🙌

Everyone's got those foods that they find very difficult to move on from. Some of us have more of those than others, but I try not to dwell on it. One of mine has been classic breakfast sausage. Ofc I have lots of thoughts on the subject, but I'll fast-forward to the point: this pizza has sausage seasoned walnuts on it, and I had to pull a piece off, break it apart and eat it just to make sure it wasn't some other veggie sausage. As my brain connects with real food better than hyperpalatable food, all of me is happier, even my lil taste buds!

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