Plant-Based Chipotle Cheese Fries (Oil-Free) 💚

When I eat a rock solid starch like potatoes, I'm often pretty content making that the focus of my entire meal.

To me, this is a very pretty dish, but I have a hard time disassociating it from the abundance of junky foods that used to completely make up my diet. Once I stopped obsessing, it all became easier in a most unexpected way. The hardest part was to embrace imperfection. And so today I enjoy my delightful, non-junk plant-based chipotle cheese fries with a big dash of dried parsley and a sliced scallion. 😋

– Just potato air fries*
@mcdougallmom chipotle ranch
– Shredded Swissy Cheese (I posted about this a week or so ago I think)
– Dried parsley
– Sliced scallion

* I parboil and freeze the potatoes as fries in big batches! I cook them from frozen and often add about 1/4 cup water to the air fryer to keep the skins from becoming tough.

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