Plant-based congee 💚

Still chipping away at the smoked soy curls from the other day. This dish is reddish because I mixed the chopped soy curls with low sodium soy sauce, white pepper, cornstarch, Chinese five spice, and red yeast rice powder. I was going for a little bit of a char siu sort of thing.

This was good, even though I didn't have a recipe for the soy curl seasoning. I'd love to learn to make a char siu sauce that I really enjoy someday. I've watched a bunch of videos in the past, mostly in Chinese with English subtitles (or holding my phone camera up to the screen and pausing a lot), but I still haven't cracked the code.

That's why I have a bag of red yeast rice powder, which I understand some use as a 'healthy' alternative to red food coloring. It's an ingredient that you need to research a bit before using because it's got stronger medicinal qualities to it as well.

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