Plant-based garlic herb spread (oil free, fat free, gluten free) 💚

Recipe in the last photo.

This spread recipe is from a fella named Michael Klunker. He was an active McDougall-style recipe blogger years ago with a blog called Klunker's Kitchen. I've very briefly connected with him in the past few months hoping to find a way to get his recipes back online. You can find them here and there, and on the wayback machine with a lot of persistence.

Klunker intended this recipe for classic corn on the cob, but I can tell you it makes unbelievable garlic bread if you're into that sort of thing. It also crushes croutons. One thing to note is that it's very airy at first. What you see in my photos is a pint of volume, but after refrigeration it will significantly reduce, maybe by half, and it will separate and never really return to this state. That's okay, it still tastes great for a few days, and I'm planning on trying it on different foods I haven't tried it on in the past!

I made a 1.5x batch, and measured my lemon juice to 2 tbsp (so I'd use about 4 tsp lemon juice for a normal batch). I used the entire small lemon's zest. My chickpea liquid came from normal salty canned chickpeas, so I might add a pinch of salt if using aquafaba from low or no salt canned chickpeas. Also, instead of blending 10 seconds in the past part, I quick-pulse 10 times.

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