Plant-based Mama B's meatball, tomato sauce, and torched pita 💚

Daaaang, this one looks extra fancy to me. I've learned to focus on cooking for myself, but I enjoy sharing on here almost as much as I enjoy seeing what other people share.

I sprinkled nooch and parsley on it for flavor and beauty. I made this 'meatball' months ago, vacuum sealed it and shoved it into the depths of the freezer. I thawed it out recently and I heated it up tonight as a small meal before my kiddo's choir concert. Small is a relative term I guess 🧐

What we've got here is a gigantic lentil-walnut-oat Italian meatball inspired by an Italian restaurant from my childhood named Mama Baldacci's. They were known for their enormous meatballs, and since I was really young, they were larger than life... absolutely massive!! This one was nearly the size of a tennis ball.

Mama Baldacci's is also where my dad taught me to unscrew the lid on the Parmesan cheese at the restaurant and just pour it directly from jar to plate without that lid with holes in it in the way. Tonight I did nearly the same with nooch, thanks for the tip, dad! #memories

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