Plant-based mashed potatoes with salt and lots of pepper 💚

I froze a lot, and I mean a LOT of mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving.

If you've looked into it, cooking & chilling potatoes bumps up resistant starch. Resistant starch is prebiotic, so it feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut microbiota, which in turn leads to better overall wellness. There's also a lower glycemic index to foods with higher resistant starch. Can you tell I just read Fiber Fueled? 😆

However.. freezing has a side effect of forming ice crystals that separate some of the liquid out of the starches, so when you thaw it, it's, ummm, a sloppy mess. But, gently reheat with a bit of water or plant milk (you're replacing what will be evaporating during reheating) and the starches will swell up again and reabsorb the liquid. Heat slowly and stir frequently for a return of that nice, creamy texture. Freezing does reduce the fresh flavors a bit, as it pretty much always does, and I think some whole food cell walls get ruptured which causes further dilution of sodium and potassium (among other things), so I typically add an extra sprinkle of salt to accommodate or just have it with other foods so it doesn't feel just a wee bit bland.

Anyway.. POTATOES!

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