Plant-based, oil-free hamburger helper, sprouts with hot sauce, and to drink: instant grits 💚

It's one of those days, and what a lovely day it is! 🤗

I love fresh sprouts in the first part of the day, and I love the simplicity of leftovers. I actually started with the grits, I picked them up a week or two ago after @saucypotatomama mentioned them as a good travel food. A box of ten packets was like $1.98.

I made a packet with extra water, a tablespoon of cashew powder, and cracked black pepper. Even though they're "instant" grits, they taste a lot better to me after 5-10 minutes. I love the aroma of corn, but the aroma of grits is next-level to me. So, so good.

#plantbased #leftovers #travelfood #grits #oilfree