Plant-based Philly mac with chopped barbecue soy curls 💚

I spent wayyyy too much time cooking today 😬

I've become so accustomed to more simple, satisfying recipes, these two and three step recipes feel like eternity!

A little backstory:
Last year I got really into developing plant-based 'meat' alternatives using minimally processed ingredients like lentils, tofu, and soy curls.

I dreamt up new ways to cook them, season them, shred and texturize them. I checked out numerous books from the library on sausage making and traditional meat curing & smoking to apply those methods to plant-based foods. One of the last ones I paused after was a full-on rack of 3-2-1 smoked plant-based ribs.

This is all part of my journey. It's also why some of my plant meats may look a bit like the real deal. I don't want to evangelize meats for numerous reasons. And, I also don't want to make foods that only ever look like the unhealthy foods they're to replace. If I see another social video where someone is scraping a piece of fried food with a knife for the sound effect, I'm gonna PUKE 🤮. But, go back long enough and that would've been me making those fried scrapy videos, so I totally get it.

It's late, and I just ate a plate of lettuce dipped in green goddess dressing that's truly deserving of the name, and I would rather go write about that than finish whatever meandering thoughts I have about plant meats here! I'm legit more excited about an herb packed dressing than a plant meat and that makes me feel pretty good 😊😊😊

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