Plant-based tofu spiedie salad 💚

Yummm! Seed planted for the summer!

– Baby spinach
– Whole grain farfalle pasta (bowtieeees)
– Red onion
– Hothouse tomato
– Spiedie cubes two ways - inch cubes and quartered inch cubes - the big ones are cooler
– Spiedie dressing with a bit of extra pepper (2:1.5 ratio of cashew mayo to spiedie marinade)

I'm really leaning into the vinegars and herbs for a lot of the flavor, and additional basting on the grill is a must! I'm not unhappy with the saltiness, but I keep wondering if the marinade could use a touch more (or more herbs). To be fair, this is the first marinade for this I've ever made or tried 😆

#plantbased #plantpowered #salad #veggies #nooil