Prepping last night. Cold, spicy, vegetable-y, vegan tonkotsu ramen noodles... I like what I like! 💚

All four burners in action. Ramen not pictured, the water was still heating up.

Ramen broth is from my frozen batch of vegan tonkotsu ramen* by @gastroplant. Thomas is brilliant. It's liquid gold. 💛 Whisk in a small amount of gochujang for deep sweet & salty spice to taste. It also works as a deterrent to certain spice adverse family members from stealing your food. When serving, optionally add gochugaru, those gorgeous Korean red pepper flakes, to your final desired spice level.

* I use no peanut oil and season with only 1 tsp toasted sesame oil in the batch. I use 3 tbsp low sodium soy sauce, I do not finish seasoning
until I'm ready to eat due to the potential added salt from gochujang.