Rainbow Taco Plate 🌈💚

Yeah, I don't know where brown goes in the rainbow 😬 I think near orange but I added it last so it goes on the edge, lol.

This was very good, who doesn't like tacos?! To be honest, by the time everything was prepared I was a little hmph about the taco 'meat'. I made my lentil walnut oat taco filling, only to realize that the foods I've been making recently are SO MUCH LESS labor intensive than this! I'm 90% certain that I could've added beans and enjoyed this just as much. Next time: beans! 🫘

Leftover jasmine rice
Lentil walnut oat taco filling
My homemade plant-based cheese shreds
Fire roasted corn
Shredded iceberg lettuce
Red onion
Topped with taco hot sauce

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