Rice & beans, run through the garden, sauced up 💚

The idea of running my plate through the garden came from a local Mexican-American restaurant that closed its doors probably 15 years ago. They would always ask if you'd like your plate run through the garden, and I would always say heck yes!

To me, it means taking chopped or shredded garden goods that compliment your meal and running it through your plate. One of my favorite things about this is that no matter what types of food you eat, this generally applies (except obvious exclusions like cereal 😝).

You can run pea soup through the garden. You can run a TV Dinner through the garden if you want. And it's a natural building block for those relearning how to eat more vegetables 🙋, and it's great for expert veggie eaters as well.

This garden has:
Iceberg lettuce
White onion

For sauces I added a chipotle ranch and secret aardvark serrabanero sauce which is one of my new favorite things.

#plantbased #mexicanfood #runyourplatethroughthegarden #oilfree