Rice cake, peanut butter (2-3 tsp), golden flaxseeds 💚

Trying to push the rice cake as a bread and cracker alternative was a gutsy, bold move in the 1980s & 90s. Thank goodness I'm not in marketing 😆

I start eating with my eyes most of the time. When the food that I see does not match up with what my sense of taste or smell expects, that's generally a recipe for a poor experience. We all have different tastes, but examples for me are: tofu-based mayos, potato/carrot/onion nacho cheeses, and jackfruit anything. I've reflected about this, and I'm fairly certain that the poor experience is because I had very strong connections with the typical foods each of those were meant to replace (mayo, nacho cheese, pulled pork/chicken).

The reason I bring it up is because of this rice cake. Pretty dry and not very satisfying by itself. I should've taken a picture, but after adding just a couple tsp of peanut butter it still looks really sad, spread so thin. But then, covered in flaxseeds it's like icing on a cake. It looks better, it tastes better, and it's more satisfying. They filled in the gaps between the peanut butter to make it look notably heartier, and since I wasn't expecting a ton of gooey nut butter, it's an overall positive experience. 😊 Sometimes I really hit the nut butter when I'm feeling it, but I'm getting better at noticing the times when just 2-3 teaspoons will suffice.

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