Seasoned fries 💚

Sooooo, one of my pots cooked the fries faster than the other and they got a little softer. They are still great, but they get really fluffy this way—this is good to know about ahead of time or you might think I'm just making mashed potato sticks over here 😅. If this happens, just reduce your air frying time by a few minutes to balance it out or enjoy your fluffy fries like I did.

Also, I should've been tossing the fries as I seasoned them so the seasoning didn't clump up so much, but these were tastyyyy, so it's all good.

Speaking of tasty, I used this opportunity to try a surface salt hack from an IG friend—popcorn salt. This fine-grain salt has more sodium per volume, BUT the amount you need to use for surface salt applications is less. I don't think it would be worth using this in, for example, soup, but it did great on the fries. I'm estimating that I used about 100-120mg sodium in that fraction of ¼ tsp measurement in the second photo. For a whole meal of fries!! Ok, I also had a little sauce, and it's not like I made salt sauce or anything (I wonder if salt sauce is a thing), and I ate some without sauce and they were awesome.

Go forth and potato!

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