Sicilian split pea soup and fennel salad. 💚

I had a soup packet to use for this plant-based meal, so I enjoyed the opportunity to use it as a building block to something even better. Extra carrots, extra celery, extra onions, all water sauteed on the side to tender-crunchy to maintain their flavor. Served with a small handful of oyster crackers, smoked hot paprika (I can't stress how much I enjoy this one single ingredient with split pea anything), and a side of simple fennel salad. 😋

I never eat fennel. Ever. I can count how many times I've eaten fennel with one pinky finger. I would describe the flavor as... assaulting. Yet, it's quite the palate cleanser. I had it raw with 1/2 tsp Dijon, a big pinch of paprika, and a splash of white balsamic, all rubbed in by hand. Oh, and with a few fennel fronds (LOVE that word). 💚

#plantbased #soupandsalad #rainynight