Sourdough mixed grain English muffins 💚

I was reading through an English muffin recipe last night that reminded my why I never got really into baking. This is how _that_ recipe went: Mix ingredients, cover & let rest 30-60 mins, knead 5 minutes, cover & bulk ferment 8-12 hours, turn out dough, cut into shapes, cover & let rise 1 more hour, and finally cook in a skillet, covered 4 mins each side. I did not do that.

I kept wondering why I can't just turn out the dough right after bulk fermentation like I do with a boule and then cut the rounds, so I figured I'd give that a try. They aren't nearly as consistent, but these were great! A lot of the time I try new things just to learn why NOT to do things a certain way, but some of the time it works out decently like these did. I will absolutely make these again!

#plantbased #englishmuffins #sourdough #oilfree