Spaghetti, cauliflower Alfredo, smoked soy curls topped with walnut parm and parsley 💚

I nearly forgot about this little power meal from yesterday. It was a very busy day, so I'm still catching up! The Alfredo has both cauliflower & white beans. Pairing that with the soybeans in the curls, this becomes not just tasty, but very satiating. Leftover cauliflower Alfredo is better than fresh in my opinion, and it's one of my favorite things (chilled or reheated). I think something magical happens when you leave it to rest in the fridge. 🪄

And, I try not to forget about the resistant starch benefits of cooking and cooling pasta. Satisfying and delicious 🤤

#plantbased #oilfree #simplemoderncuisine