Sprouts n hot sauce surrounded by a moat of air fries with fresh veggies and jalapeño ranch 💚

I'm finally starting to accept that I can eat a big plate of oil-free fries, love every bite, not feel like blargh, and actually be nutritionally in my desired direction. It's a great feeling that I wish for EVERYONE!

I keep putting carrots on air fries like it's a thing. Is it? I don't really notice the carrot flavor so much, but I like the crunch and they sure are pretty. This was the last of my russet potatoes, which is good because I've got other things I'd like to make! These fries are topped with sliced tomatoes, carrots, thinly sliced shallots & fresh garlic, scallions, and jalapeño ranch.

Image Descriptions:
1-2) Plate of sprouts and fries from the post text
3) 2 cooked russet potatoes, cut into thin fries before air frying

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