Sprouts & shallots & scallions salad, garlicky mushroom & kale tofu scramble, homemade sourdough 💚

Seriously, I need to do this like once a week. What a breakfast!!

You can see the extra sunlight in my kitchen really brings out that yellow color in the last photo. What an awesome meal this was! Did I already say that? You can just barely see green goddess dressing on the salad. Trust me, it's a generous pour, @mcdougallmom style, and everything was just so yum 😋

I recorded another little video clip to post sometime when reheating my scramble because when I want the scramble creamy dreamy I reheat it in a skillet with a splash of water and gentle, time-spaced folding. I added in my leftover garlicky mushrooms & kale and... what an awesome meal! 🥳

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