Sunday brunch (plant-based, oil-free) 💚

I woke up early with the puppo this morning, so I did some sausage research. I'm convinced some day I will encounter a decently whole food sausage that becomes my go-to. Not sure if today was that day or not.

This is an oat flax sausage, which is a combination I've tried in the past, but the flax plus the significant stirring of the oats makes for a gummy center. It tasted good but that texture..

So I held onto them because they sure looked nice and, again, good flavor. Later in the day I decided to fire up the smoker (smoking tube in my BBQ grill), and figured why not toss these on with everything else. In the last two photos, you can see a smoked oat sausage patty, a little bit charred. The texture actually settled after a couple hours in the smoker, and it was even better. Hmmm!

I will say that I love love love the idea of eating health-promoting oats in place of health-demoting sausage, so I'm not giving up on my quest anytime soon.

Pictured is leftover sourdough French toast with American-style cheese, and an oat flax sausage patty with sprouts and tomatoes (so the only thing I had to cook today was sausage). Oh, and I added hot n saucy garlic n peri peri sauce to my veg and it was a delight!

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