Taco fries bowl 🌮🍟🍅🥬🧅🥕🥗 💚

My goodness, this was just the tops. I'm still working my way thru the fridge, and always exploring flavors here and there. TBH, I'm terrified of screwing up my palate with healthy food that doesn't taste healthy. But I don't stew on it too much, because I got to where I'm at now, so I could get here again, right? 🤔

So, this is cooked russets, cut into thinner fries, then air fried to brown them up. I piled on taco inspired veggies like tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, cilantro, and red onions plus pushed the boundaries a little with carrots and sprouts and scallions 😬 finished with a jalapeño ranch dressing, crumbles of my lentil-walnut-oat taco filling, and some of my homemade shreddy cheddy. I love that I can chop all this stuff up while Sir Frysalot makes short work of the 'frying' job.

For jalapeño ranch, I just pulsed 3 tbsp canned jalapeños into a half batch of @mcdougallmom ranch dressing (yesterday). Unbelievably good. The canned jalapeños I found list 0mg sodium and I wanted to use something a little more shelf stable than fresh because I think the other half of the can will go into a pepperjack. 🌶️

Anyway, after I ate a bunch I took a couple more photos so I can actually see what's inside this bowl in the last couple of photos.

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