Tamale waffles 💚

This is another gorgeous @forksoverknives recipe by Darshana Thacker, BUT I went off-recipe because I like intuitive cooking sometimes.

I love the idea of tamale waffles, but there is one major difference in texture, and it is that tamales are usually very soft and melt-in-your-mouth, but in waffle form they have the same taste but are MUCH drier and a bit crunchy. You can see the inside of only of the 'squares' in the second to last photo.

The other gotcha that I hadn't thought about is that I have a pretty typical waffle iron, but I had to use the amount of dough for 4-5 tamales to make a partial waffle (you can see that in the third photo). And since they were dense, I ended up using only 3 squares served with iceberg lettuce, red onion, sweet corn, scallions, avocado, jalapeños, bottled salsa brava, tomatoes, and some chopped soy curls that I prepared with water, celery salt, cumin, pepper, and shredded white onion—a similar thing could be done with pinto or white beans!

As far as going off-recipe, the most significant part is that I put water, cornmeal, and almond flour in the blender to make a creamy base for rehydrating the masa. I did the trick where I blended it once for like 30 seconds or so to get it started, let it sit too soften while I prepared other stuff, and then blended it again until it was mostly creamy. I would definitely do that again. I also used about half the dough to make tamales which I get to eat today 😋😋😋

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