Tofu scramble with scallions, garlicky mushrooms & kale, toast 💚

While I was eating, I was thinking about why this comes together so well sometimes. It's not always great, but what things do I do when it is great? I used firm tofu, rinsed but not pressed. I preheated the skillet and cooked things on medium/medium low.

I made huge crumbles of tofu with as little of the minced crumble as possible. It's the surface area seasoning trick –> bigger blocks = less surface area = more flavor on the outside with the same amount of seasoning. I folded in the seasoning gently, I added and folded in a pinch more turmeric because I knew the small amount of cashew cream would lighten things up.

This next part is the small blender cashew cream trick. I only used 2 tbsp cashews, soaked in hot water, then blended into about 2 ounces of soy milk, then I added roughly another ounce of soy milk, blended that in (if your liquid ratio is too high when you start there will not be enough friction to make a cream), and then I had lemon from this morning's lemon water and squeezed in maybe half a teaspoon.

Finally, dusted the scramble with white pepper after plating to make it à la Dugas, and salted to my preference at the table. The sides and scallions greatly reduce the need for any additional salt (and there's also some in the seasoning).

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