Torch Hei – one of my most favorite techniques ever 🔥💚

"Breath of the Torch" or "Torch Energy" is an adaptation of Wok Hei, popularized by J. Kenji López-Alt.

Maybe people already do this aroma/flavor enhancing technique but don't talk about it, I don't know.. either way, it took me a good bit of practice over time to get a feel for the right distance and duration (this is a perfect example of "more" not being better).

This glorious pile of cabbage and carrot is a simple, tasty nest for egg fried rice made from leftover egg slab tofu. Also, this takes just minutes to make and it always reminds me that the source of heat always leaves its own signature.

[Pictured: cabbage and carrots with a pinch of salt and white pepper, quickly cooked tender crisp finished by the brush of a torch flame]