This is a cashew (and optional Brazil nut) based mayo.

Jar of plant-based mayo


This is my plant-based mayonnaise recipe.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
cleanup 5 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Condiment
Cuisine International
Servings 1 cup


  • Blender (This is just enough to work in a typical Vitamix)


Soaked Nuts

  • 1 cup cashews, raw
  • 4 Brazil nuts (OPTIONAL, they don't really impact the flavor. I scrape off the skins and eat them separately. If you use the 4 Brazil Nuts, pull out a few cashews from the 1 cup.)
  • 2-3 cups hot water (not boiling, up to ~170℉. There are a million ways to soak nuts, I'll share my 'quick' method)

Everything Else


The Soak

  • Add cashews and Brazil nuts to a bowl and cover with hot water.
  • After about 10 minutes, drain the nuts and give them a cold water rinse. This is so we're not adding hot nuts the blender, we want to keep things cooler so they don't 'cook'.

The Blend

  • Add drained & rinsed nuts to blender with the remaining ingredients. Add the ice water last. Blend on high 60 seconds, avoiding heating it up. It can get warm, but try to avoid letting it get really warm or hot!
  • If it's not salty enough, add sea salt or kala namak. If it's not smooth enough, blend another 30-60 seconds.

The Storage

  • Move the uncovered jar (the mayo will be a little bit warm from the blending) to the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes. The top will develop a skin, but it's all good. Then cover. If you cover immediately, moisture will build up and the shelf life will be reduced.
  • Store in a jar in the refrigerator about a week. The mayonnaise will thicken some in the refrigerator. Some separation is natural, just give it a stir.


How I Salt Things

I share recipes with the amount of salt I ended up using but when I cook I typically start with 0-50% salt amount and always salt to taste, which supports the goal of an overall reduction in salt usage.


I’ll probably experiment a little with dry mustard in this recipe, but it’s quite good already! It doesn’t carry the same oily sheen as store-bought mayo, and it’s not pasteurized for long shelf life, but it holds its own where you might want something a bit better aligned with your eating preferences!
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I made this plant-based mayo recipe to fill a void. There are a thousand and one vegan mayo recipes out there, so I’ll briefly explain what combination of traits makes this mayo special.

Jar of plant-based mayo

The mayo above ☝️ is surrounded by crumbs because I just made a soy curls fast-food chicken sandwich with it.

What’s Special About Craig’s Plant-Based Mayo

  • It’s rich, but not overwhelming to the senses (i.e. it’s not hyperpalatable).
  • It’s mayo-adjacent with a delightful flavor that’s not leaning on onion and garlic powders as foundational funk. It pulls the funk almost exclusively from the ingredient: kala namak (#affiliatelink).
  • It’s cold-processed after a hot soak, which I think is a key to keeping the flavor profile neutral. Heating up these ingredients WILL change the flavor profile (e.g. you CAN over-blend this. If it starts to get beyond basic warm, let it cool down and finish blending otherwise you’re going to reach new flavors)
  • Its nutritional profile is much more balanced than oil-based mayo, and you don’t need to use a lot of it.
    • Side note: I generally ignore calories (blasphemy, I know). If you keep an eye on them, I would think reasonable use of this mayo would still be compliant with “truly low-fat” 7-10% of daily fat calories (which may be relevant if you happen to be following a Kempner, Pritikin, Ornish, or McDougall way of eating).
    • Also, I like to push boundaries and as my tastes for oily things reduces over time, I would expect me to start replacing part of this with either potato flakes or beans or something I can still make creamy. Hip hip hooray for adaptable taste buds!!!
  • As your taste preferences change to healthier foods, and you want a decent option for a rando craving, you may find a recipe like this helpful in your journey as I have.
Plant-based mayo on the back of a spoon.
Plant-based mayo on the back of a spoon.

My Daily Nom Noms

I tend to feel unsatisfied if I don’t have something in the creamy+salty category sometime during any given day.

Whether it’s nuts, a nut butter, this mayo, yum yum sauce created from this or similar mayo, avocado, or what-have-you, I don’t make the rules, but I do steer the ship, so little hacks like this mayo help me maintain my direction.

Cashews in a measuring cup with 4 Brazil nuts on top

Let’s Mayo!

What’s Next

I would love to add a “Craig’s Test Kitchen” area to the site. I have no idea if people want to see stuff that’s in the works or just finished recipes. For now, you can see some in-the-works stuff on my Instagram where I’m finding tons of inspiration and more and more like-minded foodies daily!

Let’s Connect!

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