Chicken-Style Bouillon Powder

This recipe is based on the original, inspiring ‘Vegan Chicken Bouillon Powder’ recipe by Jasmin at Ve Eat Cook Bake. I make it to my preference with low salt and a few seasoning adjustments. And, after the main recipe, I have included a variation that I sometimes make without nutritional yeast.

Low-salt, plant-based, chicken-style bouillon powder

Chicken-Style Bouillon Powder

My favorite homemade low-salt plant-based chicken-style bouillon powder. I use this anywhere chicken bouillon powder might be used as well as a substitute for vegetable and chicken broths (1 tsp powder + 1 cup water = 1 cup broth… so easy!)
Prep Time 10 minutes
Course Ingredient
Cuisine International
Servings 90 g




  • Blend all ingredients in a small blender or spice grinder using a flat blade for the finest powder if available. I store this in a glass jar in the cupboard.


A single juniper berry isn’t going to make or break this recipe, but omitting any one small ingredient will slightly reduce the flavor complexity. Juniper berries are great in my Green Forest Ham and Smokehouse Ham Soy Curls recipes as well! Most pickling spices also come with juniper berries if you want to borrow one or two from there 🙂
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My Variation

The things I do differently from the original are: reduce the celery seeds to ¼ and reduce the salt to 1 tsp. You could omit the salt completely, I tried that, but I found that it’s very hard to determine how much bouillon powder to add if there’s no salt present already. I also use granulated onion and garlic, which I find less overpowering. Finally, this is a great place to use those bits and pieces of bay leaf you may have.

A Nooch-Free Variation

If you are looking for a top-tier plant-based chicken-style bouillon without nooch for any reason, I’ve put together this variation that is outstanding. It uses potato flakes for bulk and earthy flavor and extra turmeric for color and flavor.

To make this without nutritional yeast, simply swap the nooch for 2/3 cup (26g) dried potato flakes and increase the turmeric to 1 tsp. Here it is pictured below: